How Selena Gomez Is Dealing With 'Feeling Unsettled' Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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Like many people dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, Selena Gomez is having mixed emotions.

"Like everyone else, I am feeling unsettled and going through a variety of emotions during this time," the singer tells Puma in a new interview. "For that reason, I think it’s important to stay informed and be aware of the latest news, but also take breaks from it because it can be overwhelming."

Quarantining with her grandparents and a couple of friends, who are helping her not to feel "isolated and lonely," Gomez adds that "reading and listening to music have been a huge factor in keeping me calm."

Finding new things to do is also helping Gomez combat feeling overwhelmed. "I’ve recently gotten really into watercolor painting! I also started a new book series. Oh, and I have been cooking meals that I’ve never cooked before," she adds. "I find myself re-watching things from when I was younger because it brings back a nostalgic feeling."

Of course, the "Boyfriend" songstress has also been keeping busy writing new music, explaining that before the stay-at-home ordinance, she was busy working in the studio.

"I didn’t want to lose that feeling of inspiration, so I am constantly writing ideas and lyrics down for songs in my journals," Gomez notes.

Above all else, Gomez believes that "picking up the phone and calling people has never been more important. Also checking in with people even if you haven’t connected in a while."

Meanwhile, Gomez continues to work on a number of other projects, as this week it was announced that she's set to star in and produce an unscripted HBO Max original cooking series inspired by her time at home. 

For more on Gomez and what she's been doing during quarantine, watch below.


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