'Isn't It Romantic' Cast Jokes About Priyanka Chopra & Liam Hemsworth's Disney Loves (Exclusive)

The actress also shared how she went from singledom conversations with her co-stars to swapping congratulatory marriage messages!

Their marriages are two of the most talked about in Hollywood, but there's something else Isn't It Romantic co-stars, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Liam Hemsworth have in common -- finding love with former Disney stars!

The newlyweds (Jonas recently wed singer Nick Jonas, while Hemsworth tied the knot with Miley Cyrus in December,) star alongside Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine in the new flick, out on Feb. 13, and the co-stars addressed Jonas and Hemsworth's Disney spouses while talking to ET's Lauren Zima. 

“Oh yeah,” Chopra gasped, before Wilson and DeVine opened up about their love for Hannah Montana (the Disney series that rose Cyrus to fame,) and the Jonas Brothers (which Jonas formed with his brothers, Kevin and Joe, before the trio rose to fame largely through the Disney Channel.)

“Definitely when Jonas Brothers first came out -- I was like, ‘Yeah!’” Wilson said.

Added DeVine: “The first time I knew who Nick was... my girlfriend did a movie with him -- Camp Rock 2. He was her love interest and he sang a song to her, so immediately I was like, 'Who’s this Nick guy? What’s he all about?'”

Isn't It Romantic is set to be a Valentine’s Day must-see for rom-com lovers, but little did Chopra realize when she was filming it that by the time the film hit theaters, her real-life romance would be the talk of Tinseltown.

Asked whether Jonas, 26, gave her any pointers while she prepared for musical scenes, she confessed she was just another 30-something questioning the direction of her life at the time of filming.

“I didn’t even know him then,” she said. “I knew him, but it wasn’t like we texted. We weren’t dating -- he didn’t exist in that realm at that point.”

“In fact, we had so many single conversations,” Chopra added, referring to talks she had with co-stars like Wilson. “We had so many, ‘Ah, where are we going in life?' [conversations.]”

Chopra and her co-stars then joked that working on a romance movie meant it was only natural that real-life love followed.

“That’s what happens when you do a romantic comedy,” Chopra said. “We got some voodoo sh** going -- you will fall in love if you watch it!”

“Love is in the air with this movie,” Wilson agreed. “I think if you guys go and see this movie, love is probably going to happen for you if you want it.”

As for what the co-stars talk about now that singledom is off the cards for some, Chopra said she hasn’t had a chance to swap newlywed stories with Hemsworth yet. “Besides like a ‘Congratulations and good luck,’ and everything,” she said. “He isn’t feeling well today. I was looking forward to meeting him. Feel better Liam!”

The cast also opened up about some of the romantic gestures which have left a mark on their own love lives. Wilson shared how she was recently sent cookies in London, and thought the gesture was “excellent,” despite the treats getting moldy while being held up in customs.

But it was Chopra who will no doubt stir envy with her grand gesture from Jonas the night before their wedding.

“I came in my room with my bridesmaids [and] the entire room was lit up, there were flowers everywhere making a pathway to the bedroom and little gifts which had notes attached to them with his promises to me -- ‘I will always keep you safe,’ ‘I will always protect you,’ ‘I will always respect you,’” Chopra, 36, revealed. “It was so mind-blowing. I think all my bridesmaids were just sitting there so depressed at the end. They were like, 'What?!' He knows I like it big.”

“No wonder you went through with the marriage,” responded Wilson, who plays Natalie in the film, an architect who gets knocked out during a mugging on the subway and wakes up in an alternative universe where she’s the lead in a real-life romantic comedy.

Hemsworth plays her love interest and while he was said to be apprehensive about the dancing involved with the role, Chopra revealed he got “fully” into it eventually.

“He got into it! I think he practiced when he went back into the restroom,” she said. “He had such a great time. You could see it and he was right next to me and he was like fully into it.

“I know Liam was scared about it but when you saw him doing it you could tell he was really having fun,” reiterated DeVine, 35.

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