Jenna Dewan Is Told ‘Soulmates Take on Many Different Forms’ in Emotional Psychic Reading

Jenna Dewan

Things got deep during Jenna Dewan’s drive to The Late Late Show on Monday.

Host James Corden surprised the dancer-actress with a ride from Thomas John, the medium from the new Lifetime show Seatbelt Psychic. While in the car en route to the studio where the late-night program is taped, John gave Dewan a reading she won't soon forget.

“It’s actually kind of crowded back there,” he told the the 37-year-old star, referencing the energy he was feeling from the backseat. “Oh, really? Hi guys!” Tatum quipped, looking around.

Things quickly got serious as John said he was connecting with several members of the World of Dance host's family, including her grandmother, Betsy. At one point, he asked if there was a naming connection with Betsy, prompting Tatum to get a little teary.

“Oh god, here we go. My daughter’s middle name was Elizabeth, which was her full name, freaked out that you just said that,” Tatum said of her 5-year-old daughter, Everly.

After a few minutes, John said he had a message to pass on from one of Tatum’s departed loved ones.

“This is the message I’m supposed to give you is that soulmates in life take on many different forms,” he noted. “Soulmates do not have to be in a romantic context, so sometimes you are soulmates with your parents, with your friends. I do feel there’s been this whole inventory with your friendships, your relationships, needing to look at certain things. You can go forward in confidence knowing that there’s a lot of support for the decisions you’re making.”

The message was particularly poignant in light of the news of Tatum’s split from her husband of eight years, Channing Tatum, this past April. The former couple posted about the separation in a joint statement at the time.

Since then, Tatum has been keeping busy and working on herself. In the September cover of Women’s Health, she opened up about her journey.

“I feel I’ve been on a wave of growth,” she said. “It does look different; it’s a new normal, and I really think we’ll get used to that.”

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