Jenna Dewan's Boyfriend Steve Kazee Blushes Over His New Romance: 'It's a Very Good Holiday' (Exclusive)

Steve Kazee is having a pretty great end of the year.

Steve Kazee is having a pretty great end of the year.

ET's Lauren Zima spoke to the Tony Award-winning actor on Thursday about starring in Love Actually Live for Los Angeles' "For the Record" series, and he adorably blushed when asked about his girlfriend, Jenna Dewan. News broke in October that Dewan was dating Kazee after her split from Channing Tatum. Since then, the two have been snapped showing PDA on multiple occasions, and he hasn't been shy about sending her flirty social media messages. 

Kazee played coy when asked about Dewan, but clearly appeared over the moon about his new flame. 

"I'm very happy at the moment, it's a good holiday right now," he said. "It's a good Christmas this year."

"You know, it's a very good holiday this year," he continued to slyly note. "I've had my birthday -- Oct. 30 -- so I get sort of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, it's been perfect this year and that's all I can say."

As for Dewan telling ET last month that she was "very happy" after their romance went public, Kazee commented, "Well, she's a very happy person in general, I think ... I can't take any credit."

Kazee is playing Colin Firth's character from the beloved 2003 film in Love Actually Live, a writer named Jamie who falls in love with his Portuguese housekeeper despite both of them not knowing each other's languages.

"At first I thought it was Liam Neeson because in my brain I thought I'm cool like Liam Neeson, and then they were like, 'No, we need you to be more relatable like Colin Firth,' and I was like, 'Ah, all right,'" he joked.

He also talked about what audiences can expect from the show, which is playing now through Dec. 31 at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. 

"Basically it is the film, it's like seeing the movie in the theater, and then we as actors are intertwined in between the scenes to sing songs from the soundtrack," Kazee explained of the onstage adaptation. "So, it's really a unique experience in that way. When you come out you're gonna be, like, going to the theater to see the movie but then the movie becomes a 3D experience where the actors sort of step out onto the stage and perform numbers."

As for if Dewan will be in attendance for one of the shows, he teased, "She may be, I don't know ... we'll have to see."

On Monday, Kazee shared cute photo booth pictures he took with Dewan on Instagram, and sweetly wished her a happy 38th birthday.

"Happy birthday Jenna! Somehow it feels like my birthday over and over again because I keep getting the gift of you every day," he wrote.

As for Dewan, she recently opened up about her split from Tatum, and said she still believes in love. Tatum has also moved on romantically and is currently dating British singer Jessie J.

"I do believe in love still, but I also believe it begins with really digging deep and learning how to love yourself," she told Cosmopolitan. "And then I think you sort of transmute that out to attract the right partner. I think that people who are meant to be sort of find each other."

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