Jennifer Lopez Is Confronted About Being a Sex Addict in 'This Is Me...Now: A Love Story' Trailer

J.Lo is asked by her friends if she's a sex addict in the fictionalized and musical version of her own life.

Jennifer Lopez is back and discovering herself in a new musical experience, This Is Me... Now: A Love Story

On Wednesday, the 54-year-old actress and singer dropped the official trailer for her new Prime Video project, which comes in conjunction with her new album, This Is Me.. Now

"I know what they say about me, about hopeless romantics, that we're weak," Lopez says in a voiceover at the start of the trailer. "I'm not weak."

The two-minute video begins with a shot of the "Jenny From the Block" singer on a motorcycle, sitting behind what appears to be her real-life husband, Ben Affleck. The trailer then cuts to a dance scene and a shot of Lopez during a wedding, wearing a massive engagement ring and wedding band.

"I learned the hard way not all love stories have a happy ending," she says as she is seen on a train platform in Castle Hill, the neighborhood in the Bronx where she grew up. 

The musical experience was announced months ago and follows Lopez as she navigates a fictionalized and musical version of her own life, including her multiple marriages and notable public lifestyle. 

The trailer also features snippets of some of the guest stars, including Fat Joe -- who acts as her therapist -- as well as Derek Hough, Affleck and Neil Degrasse Tyson. At one point, a clip from Lopez's "Can't Get Enough" music video plays and another shows her friends telling her they worry she might be a sex addict.

"Whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always in love," Lopez says. 

The musical experience stars Trevor Noah, Kim Petras, Post Malone, Keke Palmer, Sofia Vergara, Jenifer Lewis, Jay Shetty, and Sadhguru.

"I have not been this nervous, excited, scared and thrilled to share something with you in years!! The story of the journey from This Is MeThen to This Is Me…Now is the most personal thing I’ve ever done," Lopez shared on Instagram.

This Is Me... Now: A Love Story will be released Feb. 16 on Prime Video.