Jennifer Lopez's 'Maid In Manhattan' Co-Star Tyler Posey Recalls Witnessing Bennifer 1.0 (Exclusive)

The 'Teen Wolf' actor talked to ET about meeting Affleck while he and Lopez were doing press for the 2002 film.

Tyler Posey is all for Bennifer 2.0. With the 20th anniversary of Maid in Manhattan fast approaching, ET spoke with Posey about the 2002 film and getting a front row seat at the couple's first iteration when he met Ben Affleck while he and Jennifer Lopez were doing press for the film.

"So when a movie comes out, there's a thing called a press junket where you go do interviews, sit down in a room in a hotel room, and you just go from room to room to room and do a bunch of interviews. And he was with her at that time. And he was the sweetest dude ever. I loved him so much," Posey recalled of meeting Affleck back in the day. "I was like, 'I don't know what to expect in this guy. He's a huge star. Why would he have time for me?' And he was so nice to me, man."

So when Posey heard the pair were rekindling their romance, he was so here for it.

"They're both awesome people. I respect the hell out of them and they're great actors," he said. "And they're a power couple. All for it."

Jim Spellman/WireImage

As far as his favorite memory of working with Lopez on the film, Posey -- who was 10 years old at the time -- said it was how much she taught him about being a professional actor.

"So I had worked on previous films when I was younger and with some pretty big people, but at that age, 10 years old, you really have a full understanding of who you're working with. I knew who J-Lo was. I knew how big of a star she was and I also knew at that time I'd been acting long enough to know when people were going to be diva and stuff," Posey explained. "And so she wasn't at all, dude. She taught me so much about how to be a professional as an actor, but I didn't realize she taught me until I was older."

Posey continued, "I was like, 'Where did I get these morals from?' And I thought back and I was like, 'J.Lo was always on time, always there.' The most respectful person and professional person I'd ever worked with at the time. So she's awesome, dude. I love her so much. And I respect her so much. I love her. I miss her."

Posey's translated that J.Lo-taught work ethic into his latest project, Drugs, his first solo EP. The actor turned rockstar is heading out with Mod Sun for the Internet Killed The Rockstar tour, which kicked off earlier this month.

"I started a project with John Feldman and Big Noise, which is what we're doing here. This is the Big Noise tour family. And as soon as I started that project, I started releasing stuff and then COVID happened. So I didn't really have a chance to tour it. So a lot of kids have been waiting for a couple of years to hear these songs live. So dude, very excited. So stoked," Posey said of hitting the road with his new music.

And it's one of his most transparent pieces of work yet.

"Every time I write stuff, I always try to be really transparent and honest. When I was writing this album, I was going through sobriety and overcoming addiction. And so it's super honest," Posey to ET. "I've seen a couple of reviews on Twitter from fans saying, 'Hey, the song is really helping me. I went through a similar situation,' and I wasn't really looking for that, but it's awesome that I can be relatable to people who are going through the same thing. I was just writing what I knew, and at that moment, I knew getting sober."

These days, Posey feels like he's in a great place. With his girlfriend by his side, making music with him, the 29-year-old star said he's "very happy."

"I've got a great girlfriend who's coming here tonight and playing a song with me. She was part of my single. I'm going on the road with some of my best friends. I'm going on tour and playing music side by side with some of my best [friends]. Literally this is just the coolest. I'm very happy." he gushed. "There's nothing to be sad about right now. And even if there is, I know how to deal with it in a more healthy way."

Catch Posey on the Internet Killed The Rockstar tour, on the road through Oct 3.