Jennifer Lopez's Skincare Line JLo Beauty Is Here!

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It's a happy new year, indeed: Jennifer Lopez's skincare line JLo Beauty has officially launched! The first collection is now available to shop on the JLo Beauty website and at Sephora.

The brand's debut collection features That JLo Glow Multitasking Serum, That Limitless Glow Multitasking Mask, That Big Screen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizer, That Blockbuster Wonder Cream, That Hit Single Gel-Creme Cleanser, That Fresh Take Eye Cream, That Star Filter Complexion Booster and That Inner Love Dietary Supplement.

Lopez told ET's Nischelle Turner in November how the brand started with her signature J.Lo glow.

"If I was gonna go into that, the skincare would have to be first and foremost and so that was kind of the idea," Lopez says. "And I have actually been thinking about this for about 20 years. Many have talked about it so many times, but I think I needed to get to a place where I had enough experience where I was kind of more fully realized in myself to have a [real] philosophy about beauty and about beauty from the inside out and what that means and what it meant to me."

The star's new venture focuses on the tagline, "Beauty has no expiration date" -- no matter what age you are. 

"And the idea of beauty having no expiration date, you know, you get to a certain age and then people are already kind of like, boop boop, you next, bye bye. And you're like, hold on, I'm still here," she explains. 

"[JLo Beauty] is about feeling great, looking great, having the healthiest skin you can have and how do you keep that youthful and timeless look at any age," Lopez adds. 

So what is Lopez's secret to her famous glowy skin? 

"We have like what I call the kind of S's -- the secret, right? So it's like supplement, serum, sunscreen and sleep, and then living healthy, which in Spanish is sano," she says. 

The 51-year-old superstar shares it took 26 different formulations to get the That JLo Glow Multitasking Serum just right.

"It took a minute to really get it to the standard that I felt like I could put on the bottle 'That JLo Glow,'" she says. "It had to give you a glow, it had to tighten, it had to make you feel something, but then over time I wanted it to be super healthy for your skin. So as you kept taking it with the [That Inner Love] supplement -- I call it a pump and a pill. You take the pump of the serum and the pill and through that you will have this glowing skin, you know, over time."

Lopez shared stunning campaign images on Instagram. The multi-hyphenate is absolutely glowing and fresh-faced in the photos and video as she poses in water. 

"As women, people are so ready to write us off. I just kept waiting for that to happen, and I realized, no, I'm not gonna let that happen. It's about being limitless. It's about being powerful and understanding beauty really doesn't have an expiration date," Lopez narrates in the video.

Lopez captioned the post, "This isn’t just a passion project, it’s a 30-year dream. I can’t wait to share my skincare secrets with you!!"

The "On the Floor" singer is no stranger to launching beauty products. Lopez has had multiple fragrances, including the popular Glow by JLO, and a makeup range with Inglot. Additionally, the style icon recently collaborated with Coach on the Hutton Shoulder Bag. She also has a shoe line at DSW. 

Shop Lopez's brand new skincare collection below. 

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A gel-cream cleanser with silky consistency that clears out clogged pores without drying out the skin. 

JLo Beauty
That JLo Glow
JLo Beauty
JLo Beauty

Get your own J.Lo glow with this multitasking serum, formulated with a sugar-derived matrix that helps tighten and lift the skin instantly. It also features the brand's signature JLo Beauty Olive Complex that delivers all-day hydration and glow.

JLo Beauty
JLo Beauty That Fresh Take Eye Cream
JLo Beauty
JLo Beauty

Say bye to dark circles and fine lines with this eye cream for a fresh-faced result. 

JLo Beauty

For those who forget to put on sunscreen, this 2-in-1 moisturizer protects you from UVA/UVB rays while hydrating the skin. 

JLo Beauty
JLo Beauty That Blockbuster Wonder Cream
JLo Beauty
JLo Beauty

Packed with hyaluronic acid, this day cream will start your morning off right and your skin looking plump and bright. 

JLo Beauty

Mix this complexion booster with a moisturizer or liquid foundation for a sheer, luminous and even finish. 

JLo Beauty
JLo Beauty That Limitless Glow Mask
JLo Beauty
JLo Beauty

This custom-designed sheet mask molds to the contours of the face for optimal hydration and luminosity. 


JLo Beauty Is Now Available at Sephora

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