Jodie Sweetin and Metta World Peace Offer Their Advice to 'DWTS' Contestants (Exclusive)

The 'Celebrity Exorcism' co-stars opened up about 'Dancing With the Stars' and their new reality TV series.

Metta World Peace and Jodie Sweetin are offering up some advice to this season's Dancing With the Stars contestants. The DWTS alums and ET's guest co-hosts spoke to Kevin Frazier Wednesday about their time on the show and what they'd tell season 30's competitors.

"Have fun, enjoy every dance, don’t take it too seriously. I mean, yes, it's a competition, but really enjoy it 'cause it goes by quickly, and you don't realize just how much fun you have," Sweetin shared.

"And probably, practice more than 30 minutes," World Peace added.

"They're lucky Metta showed up," the Fuller House actress joked. 

While World Peace wasn't exactly earning 10s across the board on his season, he did say that he could still bust out a mean Pasodoble.

"I could eat a Pasodoble," the former NBA star, who was the first to be sent home on season 13 of the dancing competition series, told Frazier.

World Peace, Sweetin and Moesha actress Shar Jackson have teamed up for a different kind of reality series in Celebrity Exorcism.

"I never thought I'd be Metta's bodyguard," Sweetin said of protecting the six-foot-seven basketball player on the spooky show, which gave the group the chance to tap into their own supernatural skills while in some of the country's most haunted landmarks.

"Each location that we were at had some different supernatural activity. The exorcist that we were working with, she was really trying to get us to hone our own supernatural skills and tap into stuff," she said of the show.

While tapping into those skills, Jackson was able to channel her Moesha co-star, Yvette Wilson, who passed away in 2012.

"That changed the whole experience for me," Jackson told Frazier. "Because before that, I was like, 'I don't know if I need to be here,' but after that moment, I was like, 'OK, there's something beautiful in this.' So maybe it's not all scary."

World Peace, on the other hand, was worried about bringing any spirits from their scare-filled adventures back into the real world with him.

"I was concerned about that," he admitted. "I didn't know what I was getting into. I thought an entity was a company."

Celebrity Exorcism is streaming now on Tubi.

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