Khloe Kardashian on How Giving Birth to Daughter True Has Changed Her Style

Donna Ward/Getty Images

The reality star also weighed in on the healthy vs. skinny debate - after drawing criticism for remarks about sister Kim's weight loss.

Khloe Kardashian says she's always been "super confident" -- but she did have an "oh my gosh" moment after welcoming her daughter, True. 

Three months after giving birth, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been on top of her fitness game. She's lost more than 30 pounds and just launched her Good American activewear line, which she says helped her exponentially when it came to getting her pre-pregnancy body back. 

“Right after a baby you’re just like, 'Oh my gosh,'" she tells Marie Claire. "Right after a baby, it's hard to explain, you feel less supported in your stomach area. And so, for me, I love that we go an inch higher than most workout pants and that really made a big difference for me. I felt much more supported working out and just the compression fabric alone really made a difference for me."

And while she's shedding the pounds, Kardashian says her confidence doesn't necessarily come from the way she looks. "Honestly my confidence has always been from my family," she says. "I am the first one to say that I didn't know that I was chubby or overweight until I got in the public eye. No one in my family ever made me feel that way. And I didn't know."

"I have always been super confident and when I started, I remember I was on a blog and they said something about my weight and I was like, "Wait, I'm fat? Someone called me fat?" I just, like, laughed at it because I was like, 'I'm not fat, no one has ever said that to me before,'" she recalls. "I love that no one really called me fat before. I just love that, my whole life, my family, they just didn't see that. They saw my heart and our love for each other, so I'm so thankful for that. I've just always had a bizarre amount of confidence ever since then."

Kardashian also opens up about the importance of being healthy vs. skinny -- just days after she and Kim Kardashian West drew criticism for remarks that Kim looks "anorexic" following her slimdown to 119 pounds

"I want to promote a healthy lifestyle and I think that's also where people get things really confused. People think, 'Oh you have to be really skinny to mean that you're really healthy,'" she shares. "I want to promote women of all different shapes and sizes and heights and everything, because these women still work out and they live healthy lifestyles."

"For me, working out is really important for my day-to-day and my sanity. But it's also, I like to promote just living a healthy lifestyle. And that doesn't mean being a size four," she adds. "And I really hate when people emphasize skinniness with healthy. Because I know a lot of skinny people that are really unhealthy." 

Kardashian also recently shared her fears on Twitter that she'll never reclaim her figure after giving birth to True. See more on the reality star in the video below.