Kim Kardashian Gets Tristan Thompson to Unblock Her at Khloe's Birthday Party -- Watch!

The reality star was all smiles as she playfully confronted Tristan after he blocked her and Khloe's friends on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian West is no longer blocked by Tristan Thompson on Instagram, and she couldn't be more excited.

The reality star celebrated her sister Khloe's birthday on Wednesday at a house party, where she jokingly confronted Tristan about being blocked in a series of videos she shared to her Instagram story.

"Alright guys, so, what do you think? It's Khloe's birthday, do you think I should ask this guy to unblock me?" Kim says, laughing, as she points to Tristan, who is laying on a lawn chair behind her while playing on his phone.

After laughing, Tristan agreed, saying, "For Khloe's birthday, I think it's only right."

"I'm unblocked guys!" Kim hollered excitedly, as Thompson pulls up Instagram on his phone.

As Kim spied over his shoulder, she joked to Khloe about trying to find out his passcode to his phone for her, to which Tristan (revealingly) mumbles, "She knows it."

Kim also discovered that Tristan had blocked her and Khloe's besties, Malika & Khadijah Haqq.

"Did you know he blocked you also?!" Kim yells over to the twin sisters, who are sitting nearby. When they angrily said they did know, Tristan defended himself, explaining, "First and foremost, you guys don't follow [anyway]."

Kim was so excited about burying the hatchet and getting Tristan to follow her again, that she even shared a close-up video of the NBA pro's pressing the unblock button.

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Of course, the whole group seemed pretty friendly when you consider that all the Instagram blocking that went down in the first place came after Tristan's high-profile cheating scandal, which made headlines just days before Khloe gave birth to their adorable baby daughter, True.

However, Khloe's been very open about wanting to rebuild their relationship for the sake of their little girl, and a source told ET last week that the entire Kardashian family has already "forgiven" Tristan.

"[Tristan] has a home in L.A. too, but the plan is to live together as a family at Khloe’s home as they continue to work on their relationship,” the source said. “Everyone is back on board -- friends, family and Khloe have all forgiven him and are giving him this second chance -- and so far it’s been working for them."

This could explain Kim's cheery disposition -- which is a far cry from her furious initial reaction to the cheating allegations. And it could explain why Khloe knows the passcode to Tristan's phone.



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