Kim Zolciak Slams People Claiming She Photoshopped a Pic of Her 4-Year-Old Twins

Kim Zolciak
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Kim Zolciak-Biermann is once again finding herself at the center of a social media controversy.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star is denying accusations that she photoshopped a picture of her 4-year-old twins, Kaia and Kane, to make them appear thinner.

"People are f**king SICK!! Get the f**k out here!!" the 40-year-old reality star and mother of three tweeted on Tuesday. "No post was taken down and no photo has been nor will ever be edited of my children! I will no longer stand for this bulls**t!"

The claims come after Zolciak posted a photo of her kids to Instagram on Sunday.

According to several of her critical followers who commented on her pics, as well as other Instagram users, Zolciak allegedly took down a similar snapshot of her son and daughter that she'd posted earlier, before quickly reposting a digitally altered version of the same photo in which their torsos appear thinner and her son's ears look smaller, among other supposed changes.

The Instagram account @wigzncigs -- which seems zealously dedicated to "exposing Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her family for the liars & frauds they are," according to the account's bio -- shared both a side-by-side post and a video transposing the alleged images.

"I guess all the backlash last time didn't faze her. You will not get away with this! You are a disgusting human being and karma will get you!" the Instagram user wrote, along with a long series of unrelated and baffling hashtags added to generate traffic and get views on the post.

While it's unclear how legitimate the accusations and supposed side-by-side photos are, this isn't the first time Zolciak has faced allegations of photoshopping pictures of her kids.

According to some Instagram and Twitter users, Zolciak altered photos of daughter Kaia and posted side-by-side photos as so-called proof. 

However, many users at the time said they couldn't see any difference in the photos and the reality star didn't dignify those particular accusations with a specific response.

Zolciak has also faced critics who claimed she's manipulated images of herself that she's posted online over the years. In January 2016, she addressed the rumors directly with a skin-baring bikini shot which she captioned, "No need to photoshop!"

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