Kylie Kelce Reacts to Husband Jason's Shirtless Viral Moment: 'I Had to Try and Reel Him Back In'

'That's my husband,' the mom of three said on 'Good Morning America.'

Jason Kelce's wife, Kylie Kelce, is speaking out on their game day experience that went viral. The Philadelphia Eagles center had himself a time on Sunday at the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills, as he attempted to make the most of his experience with the legendary Bills Mafia in Orchard Park, New York. 

"He wanted to get the full Bills experience. I'm sure you know as a Bills fan, they are notorious or famous for their tailgating skills, I will say," Kylie said on Friday's Good Morning America. "He desperately wanted to go through a table. It was on his checklist for the day, top priority of the day -- go through table."

As NFL fans are aware, Buffalo Bills diehards have long been known for their raucous tailgates and, in particular, a tradition that involves slamming one's body into a folding table and breaking it in half. On occasion, fire is also involved. 

While Jason did enjoy a bit of tailgating -- taking a shot from a bowling ball among his pre-game activities, along with other tomfoolery with his friend and former Bills center, Eric Wood -- his plan to break a folding table did not work out in the end. 

"I was hoping I was gonna get the opportunity, and it just didn't arrive," he said on his New Heights podcast on Wednesday. "Next time, Buffalo. I was hoping, I was wishing, no tables though." 

Recounting the experience to his brother, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, he added that the tailgating "shenanigans" at the Highmark Stadium were "full bore."

He made up for it with a scene stealing celebration from inside a suite with his family and Travis' girlfriend, Taylor Swift, when he ripped off his shirt, jumped out of the window into the stands and chugged a beer to celebrate Travis' touchdown. Shirtless cheering in sub-zero temperatures is another one of the time-honored traditions among Bills fans, made famous by former Bills quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

"We arrived separately because he was meeting up with some friends and walking through the parking lot, I think, hoping to find himself a table -- he was unsuccessful," Kylie said on GMA. "And so when he got into the suite, he said to me, 'I'm going to, I'm going to take my shirt off and I'm gonna jump out.'" 

Jason previously said on New Heights that Kylie told him in no uncertain terms, "Don't you dare." 

"I was like, 'I don't think that's the best idea,'" Kylie clarified on GMA. "But I think that it was that continued energy from when he was hyping himself up to break a table."

She continued, "So, the first time he jumped out of the suite, I was, you know what, 'Go ahead. That's my husband!' And then the second and third time he did it, I was like, 'I'm gonna need you to get back in because the poor cops that are out front trying to keep the chaos at a minimum, are, you're making their jobs harder.' So at first, I was all for it. And then I had to try and reel him back in."

Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)

"Here's what happened," Jason previously explained on New Heights. "I wanted to take my shirt off at the tailgate. And because we kinda got pushback on the tailgate front, I didn't get to have my shirt off there and then when I entered the box, I noticed, 'Hey, I can jump out of this box and I'll be outside, and if I take my shirt off. then I'm outside and I'm part of the Buffalo Bills pageantry.'"

He continued, "Dude, it was something about the entire day. I got caught up in the magic of Bills Mafia. It is -- it is electric. The energy, the shenanigans. I'm like, 'I gotta have my shirt off at some point.'" 

Jason's antics proved to be a hit among Bills fans and with Taylor, who was meeting Travis' brother and sister-in-law for the first time that day. 

"Tay says she absolutely loved you," Travis shared on New Heights

After winning the AFC divisional playoffs, Travis' Chiefs will next take on the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday with Jason and Kylie expected to be there to cheer him on. The winning team will secure their spot at the upcoming Super Bowl on Feb. 11.