Lauren Conrad Responds After James Charles Says She Has 'No Business' Having a Makeup Brand

Lauren Conrad and James Charles
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Apparently James Charles forgot about the cultural impact of Lauren Conrad's single mascara tear. The 21-year-old YouTuber and makeup guru took to his Instagram Stories earlier this week to diss the former reality star's new makeup line after empty samples were accidentally sent to him. 

"I just opened a PR package from a new makeup brand from somebody who has no business having a makeup brand," Charles told his followers, covering up Conrad's labels but showing the empty tubes that were sent to him. 

"Stop making makeup brands! Stop!" he declared. 

The 34-year-old former Hills star, who recently launched her fair trade shop The Little Market on Amazon, later took to the comments section of one of her new beauty brand's posts to clarify the confusion, writing, "For those asking about the empty components sent to James... let me tell you a fun story. The woman who put together the gifts (it was me) decided to fill a makeup bag full of empty samples to make sure everything would fit inside. When beauty products arrived and it was time to fill all the makeup bags she (again, me) accidentally included the bag full of empties with the others and it was sent out." 

Conrad then joked of herself, "She will be let go immediately."

Lauren Conrad comment
Lauren Conrad Beauty/Instagram

She later told one commenter that she spoke with Charles about the confusion, writing, "He was very nice about it."

To his credit, Charles took to his Instagram Story again to clarify that his Story "was supposed to be funny but they just came across as nasty because I was so upset, not with her, but with other things that happened today." 

He confirmed that he'd spoken privately with Conrad writing that they are "both good." 

Earlier this month Charles apologized for slamming singer Alicia Keys' new lifestyle beauty brand with E.L.F.

"Yesterday, I posted a subtweet about how I thought some celebrities shouldn't launch makeup lines. It was about @aliciakeys," Charles shared in a statement. "A few years ago, she announced that she no longer would wear makeup, so I was bothered because many celebrities come into the beauty space as a cash grab without any actual passion and then leave."

"I deleted the tweet after a few mins because it's childish to indirect tweet someone & I am not the gatekeeper of makeup," he added. "Anyone should be able to secure their bag and it's not up to me which brands people should or shouldn't support."

Charles is also known for his feuds in the YouTube community. Watch the clip below for more.


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