Lenny Kravitz Reacts to Viral Video of Him Working Out in Leather Pants and Combat Boots

The 'Blue Electric Light' singer would like fans to know it's not for show.

Lenny Kravitz has seen the reactions to his viral workout video and would like fans to know, it's not for show, he regularly works out in leather pants and a pair of boots.

In an interview with Variety, the 59-year-old rock legend addressed the widespread reaction to a video he posted in April of himself working out. In the clip, Lenny is doing heavily weighted situps in a see-through tank top, black leather pants and a pair of black boots while his trainer, Dodd Romero, spots him at Equinox Hudson Yards in New York City. 

"Thank God for today! Grateful. Never been better. There are no shortcuts so seize your day. It is all possible. Love!" Kravitz captioned the video post. 

Fans went wild remarking on the unique workout look. But Lenny says that's his regular fit for weightlifting.

"I'm always working out in leather pants or jeans and boots and whatever -- if I'm not doing cardio. If I'm doing cardio, obviously I'm going to wear sweats because I'm going to be sweating all over the place," the musician tells the outlet. "But if I'm lifting weights, I don't sweat so much."

Lenny Kravitz - Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Lenny explains that he is often heading to the gym before or after an appointment and doesn't want to waste time. "I just don't care. I'm gonna pop in, I've got 45 minutes, we're gonna hit it and I'm gonna go run to where I'm going," he adds. "So I don't do it for effect. I didn't do that to be like, 'Oh, let me be just so different and wear leather pants and glasses.' No, it's just me walking in off the street."

And the Blue Electric Light singer isn't concerned about anyone who has critiques about his routine. "I know what I'm doing. And my trainer knows what he's doing. And I know my body and what my body does and what it can do and how it feels and it's all good," he says. "I trained with elite athletes, I trained with football players, NFL and NBA stars. I trained with MLB stars, wrestlers, boxers. I've played with them all. I won't mention names, but they're all people you would know. And they'll tell you I train very seriously."

And his training has undeniable results. When the "Fly Away" singer was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in March, his daughter, Zoë Kravitz, joked about how dedicated her father is to showing off his toned physique

"We've been through a lot. We've seen a lot. I've seen a lot. I've seen you change in the most beautiful ways. I've seen the way you've stayed the same in the most important ways. I've seen the way you show up and take care of the people you love. I've seen your incredible dedication to your art," she said, before quipping, "But mostly, I've seen through your shirts."

"According to my dad, if it doesn't expose your nipples, it's not a shirt. And sure, it used to embarrass me when you picked me up from school as a kid, but I gotta say, at this point, I respect it," Zoë continued. "You really do pull it off. Your relationship with a netted shirt is probably your longest one, and it works. You two make each other better, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's a beautiful thing."

Zoë Kravitz and Lenny Kravitz - JC Olivera/Variety via Getty Images

Zoë's fianceéChanning Tatum, is just as obsessed with his soon-to-be father-in-law's fitness routine as the rest of the internet.

After the rock star posted a shirtless pic showing off his chiseled body in March, Tatum commented on the post, writing, "Jesus Christmas Lenny wtf you're gonna hurt someone on this platform. Hahaha." 

In the pic, the rock star stands with his hands slightly tucked into his jeans while he stares into the distance and soaks up some rays. Lenny donned nothing but shades, jeans and a brown leather belt. Usually these kinds of pics have spectacular backdrops, but on this particular day the "American Woman" singer stole the spotlight.

One follower replied to Channing's comment saying, "here's the thing, we WANT him to hurt us 😈 😂," to which Channing responded with, "baahahahaha."