Lil Nas X Dodges Sex Toy Thrown Onstage During His Performance in Sweden

The swift-footed singer managed to avoid getting hit by a very NSFW item.

The ongoing trend of hurling objects on stage at musicians during concerts seems to be getting stranger. Lil Nas X managed to avoid injury with some quick reflexes.

The "Industry Baby" artist was performing at European Lollapalooza in Stockholm, Sweden over the weekend when a concertgoer decided to hurl an item onto the stage, midway through his performance of "Down Souf Hoes."

The sudden tossing seemed to surprise Lil Nas X, who still managed to avoid getting hit by it after some fast footwork. However, he was more surprised when he walked back to retrieve the item and found out it was a particularly NSFW toy.

Specifically a sex toy. More specifically -- and we're going to address this delicately -- it was a male sex aid, made of silicone rubber, meant to simulate sexual intercourse.

"Who threw their pu**y on stage?!" a baffled Lil Nas X asked the audience in disbelief, holding the replica vagina in the air.

While Lil Nas X managed to walk away unscathed, fans throwing stuff at artists mid-concert has been a recurring problem in recent months, with a recent string of dangerous fan interactions.

Last week, Kelsea Ballerini had to pause her show at Outlaw Field at the Idaho Botanical Garden in Boise when a fan chucked a bracelet onto the stage and it struck her in the eye. After a brief pause, Ballerini continued the show but later shared that she was shaken by the incident.

Last month, Bebe Rexha was performing a sold-out show at Pier 17's The Rooftop in Lower Manhattan when she was struck in the face by a cell phone and had to receive emergency medical attention.

The "In The Name of Love" singer took to Instagram the next morning to show the extent of her injuries and give fans an update, simply writing, "I'm good," alongside a photo of her swollen, black-and-blue eye with a cut just below her eyebrow.

The man who threw the phone was arrested and charged with assault.

Days later, pop star, Ava Max was slapped by an unnamed man who rushed the stage during her performance in Los Angeles. Shortly after that, Pink was performing at London's Hyde Park when a fan threw a bag of her late mother's ashes onto the stage, leaving Pink dumbfounded and seemingly disturbed.