Lil Wayne and Other Hip Hop Stars Read 'Mean Tweets' Ahead of Kanye West's Appearance on 'Kimmel'

Kim Kardashian West's husband will appear on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Thursday night.

Hip hop stars are taking their turn at reading mean tweets!

Ahead of Kanye West’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, other rappers are celebrating in a unique way -- by reading off social media messages about themselves.

In a sneak peek of the hilarious segment, rappers Lil Wayne, Logic and Ty Dolla $ign kick things off. “Lil Wayne is what happens when you pour Four Loko on a gremlin,” Weezy, 35, reads with an incredulous look on his face.

“Logic is the worst rapper of all time, Paula Dean can rap better,” a truly shocked Logic, 28, recites before exclaiming, “Yo, that’s messed up.”

Ty Dolla $ign, 33, is up next and is not here for comparisons to cartoon characters. “Ty Dolla $ign looks like the crab from Moana,” he reads aloud, with a sigh of recognition and acceptance.

The latest "Mean Tweets" segment comes after Kimmel tweeted on Tuesday that West agreed to the appear on the late-night show again. “HURRICANE KANYE strikes” he wrote. This is the first time Kim Kardashian West's husband will have appeared on JKL since 2013. 

Kimmel and West had an infamous Twitter feud nearly five years ago, which started after the 50-year-old late-night host mocked the 41-year-old rapper's BBC interview by asking during his monologue, “Does Kanye West know he's not supposed to be his own hype man?"

West was not pleased with the remark, and called out Kimmel in a since-deleted tweet. "JIMMY KIMMEL IS OUT OF LINE TO TRY AND SPOOF IN ANY WAY THE FIRST PIECE OF HONEST MEDIA IN YEARS," he wrote.

After some heated back-and-forth, the feud was thought to have been over when West stopped by the show in October of that year. 

The father of three's return to JKL comes just over a week after his wife stopped by the show to discuss everything from her husband to successfully getting Alice Marie Johnson pardoned.

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs weekdays at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.