Lili Reinhart and Sydney Sweeney Shut Down Feud Rumors: 'Stop Making Villains Out of Women'

The actresses aren't here for women getting pitted against each other.

Lili Reinhart and Sydney Sweeney are insisting all is well between them after a viral red carpet moment. Earlier this month, the actresses attended an Armani Beauty dinner at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum as part of this year's Venice International Film Festival and their interaction in front of photographers sent people abuzz online.

In the now-viral clip, Sweeney excitedly walks up to greet other stars, including Reinhart, Lukas Gage, Michael Evans Behling, Camila Mendes, Maude Apatow, Chase Stokes and Jonathan Daviss, who were all posing on the red carpet.

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After Reinhart exchanges smiles and hugs with Sweeney, fans online point out that the Riverdale alum's facial expression appears to be less than pleased.

However, after the video made the rounds on social media, Reinhart took to X (formerly Twitter) to shut down any negative speculation.

"Stop making villains out of women every chance you get," she wrote.

As if that wasn't enough to prove that all is well between the women, Sweeney and Reinhart then posed for a selfie on the latter's Instagram Story. The duo is all smiles in the shot, alongside which Reinhart wrote, "We'll be over here if you need us."

Sweeney, who starred on The White Lotus, re-shared the pic on her own Instagram Story.

The image appears to be from the same night that the women were spotted on a double date together in pics obtained by Daily Mail. Sweeney is engaged to Jonathan Davino, while Reinhart has been linked to Jack Martin since April.

Instagram / Lili Reinhart

Reinhart and Sweeney aren't the only stars who have been spending time in Venice as of late. Watch the video below to see more A-list happenings amid the film festival.