Logan Paul Says He's Ready to Get Into MMA After Boxing Defeat to KSI (Exclusive)

ET caught up with Paul at the 2019 YouTube Streamy Awards on Friday.

Logan Paul is ready to try his hand at another sport.

ET's Denny Directo caught up with the 24-year-old internet star at the 2019 YouTube Streamy Awards in Los Angeles on Friday, where he shared that he'd like to get into mixed martial arts. Coming off losing his boxing rematch against fellow online star KSI, Paul couldn't help but laugh about his defeat.  

"I'm sorry I couldn't get the W," he jokingly said, adding, "Trust me, I realize I suck." When asked if he would have yet another rematch with KSI, he said, "I doubt it."

"Maybe down the line. I kind of want to do MMA. Boxing stuff, for me, there's a lot of rules. I'm not really a guy who likes rules or is good at following them. Next time I fight it will be a little more free flow. Probably, hopefully, in the cage."

However, despite his L, he's grateful for the experience. "Boxing saved my life," he added. "I will never forget that. I love the sport. To be honest, I wish I could stop but something about hitting pads is extremely cathartic and so much more fun than working fun."

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for dick clark productions

As for the possibility of his brother, Jake Paul, taking on KSI, Paul said he might consider it after Jake's fight with AnEsonGib. "He's gonna beat Gib and he's gonna beat KSI and then, at that point, maybe there will be a rematch between KSI and I. But I don’t know. We might be doing bigger and better things."

And as the year is coming to an end, Logan couldn't help but reflect on his wins and losses. "Lot of ups and not a lot of downs, but the down was a big one, and it was the loss," he shared. "Losing a fight in front of millions of people isn’t the easiest thing ever, but I've loss on a bigger scale before. If I survive that, I can survive anything."

In the new year, he said he wants to continue to be more positive and know that he can take whatever comes his way. "It's just that confidence that I always knew I always had and the belief that it will get better," he noted.

For more on Logan and KSI's boxing match, watch below.