'Love Is Blind' Season 6 Star Jessica Calls Sarah Ann's Approach to Jeramey 'Profoundly Inappropriate'

Both Jessica and Sarah Ann did not get picked by their pod connections on the Netflix show.

Love Is Blind season 6 is rife with love triangles, stars, and drama! And now a contestant in one love triangle is weighing in on the behavior of another contestant from another triangle. 

During a two-part interview on The Viall Files podcast with Nick Viall, Jessica Vestal, the single mother who fell for Jimmy Presnell in the pods, was asked about the drama between contestants Jeramey Lutinski, Laura Dadisman, and Sarah Ann. 

Jeramey developed connections with Laura and Sarah Ann in the pods, but ultimately proposed to Laura. However, after leaving the pods, Sarah Ann DM'd Jeramey and let him know that if he was second-guessing his decision, she was open to talking. 

The two eventually met up and Jeramey was caught staying out until 5 a.m. with Sarah Ann, despite insisting that they only talked. 

The exchange and Jeramey's dishonesty ultimately led to his split with Laura. On this week's set of episodes, Sarah Ann attends the cast meetup where she is met with less-than-friendly faces due to her behavior. Sarah Ann defends her actions to Jeramey, saying that it was all part of the experiment, and that she was there to find love. 


"I found her approach to it to be profoundly inappropriate," Jessica said of Sarah Ann on The Viall Files on Thursday. "No one could empathize with how she was feeling more than me." 

Jessica fell for Jimmy in the pods, but Jimmy ultimately proposed to Chelsea Blackwell, leaving Jessica furious. Despite being upset, Jessica did not pursue Jimmy outside of the pods, and the two had a discussion at the cast meetup, which Jess said was the first time she'd come face-to-face with her ex. 

Jessica said that because she understood what Sarah Ann was going through, she felt validated to talk about her approach to Jeramey while he was engaged to someone else. 

"So the feelings were valid, it was her approach that was just so disrespectful," Jessica said. "If she really couldn't fight her feelings and she needed that closure, that last conversation, she could have reached out to Laura and been like, 'Hey, I'm having a hard time with this, would you mind?' And even if Laura had said no, that small amount of consideration would have made a world of difference."


And while host Viall pointed out that in past seasons, contestants have changed their minds and gone with another connection, Jess said that this situation was different. 

"The difference in the other seasons and this one is it was the guy who made the choice is the one who reached back out," she explained, seemingly referencing season 4 married pair, Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi. "It was the girl who didn't get picked [who reached out]."

As for her own romantic situation, Jess said she felt she "dodged a bullet" with Jimmy, noting, "We wouldn't have gone the distance, but not because I found him physically unattractive, but because of his actions."

She admitted that Jimmy wasn't her type, listing that as "extremely tall," with a beard and a sleeve of tattoos. 


Jess then admitted that she had "another strong connection" from the pods whom she might be trying to "sort certain things out" with, implying she might have another Love Is Blind romance in the future. 

"You could probably use context clues," she teased, not naming the man in question. 

The wedding finale of Love Is Blind drops Wednesday, March 6, and the reunion special drops Wednesday, March 13 on Netflix. 


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