'Love Is Blind' Star Micah Lussier Says She's 'Never Been Happier' Amid Ex Paul Peden's New Romance

Paul Peden went public with his new girlfriend, Geneva Dunham, last month.

Micah Lussier is loving her life these days. The season 4 contestant from Love Is Blind took to Instagram to share how she's transformed in the past year.

In a montage, Micah features videos of herself in tears numerous times followed by clips of herself having fun with friends and enjoying beautiful views and private jets.

"Truly i have never felt happier, lighter, and more in tune with myself. sometimes you have to hit the lowest lows to get where you need to be ♥️ #mentalhealthawarenessmonth," Micah captioned the post.

Micah's positive outlook comes after her ex-fiancé, Paul Peden, went public with his first post-show romance. Paul and his new girlfriend, Geneva Dunham, made things Instagram official, going with a full hard launch in late May.

Micah and Paul got engaged on season 4 of Love Is Blind only for Paul to say no at the altar, saying, to Micah's surprise, that he couldn't picture her as a mother.

The exes told ET that they gave their romance another try after filming wrapped, but that they ultimately couldn't get past their struggles from the show.

"We decided that we were going to try, and we eventually did try," Micah told ET. "At that point, we were doing long distance and what was really hard about that was that the foundation was such a mess."

During the reunion episode, Micah and co-host Vanessa Lachey both questioned Paul about his post-wedding claim that he couldn't picture her as a mother, calling out the environmental scientist for never sharing that with Micah throughout their relationship.

"I think I've always held a place in my heart that maybe there was a future for Paul and I and after hearing that, not only is there obviously not, but there kind of never was," Micah told ET after the reunion taping. "And I feel a little duped. I think growing, moving on and moving forward is what's on the horizon."

As for Paul, he also spoke with ET, saying he was frustrated at how his altar decision was portrayed.

"I think it was extremely reductive in the way that they dismissed all nuance and complexity in why I said no," he shared of his altar moment. "It was framed as, the reason that I said no was that she wasn't able to fill a mothering role and a nurturing atmosphere and whatever. That was one piece of the puzzle. It was incredibly complex, but that was the answer. That was the reason why. And that's just a fraction of the story."

In addition to drama surrounding their split, Micah also faced heat for her behavior in the women's lounge with pal Irina Solomonova. In the comment section of her latest post, one person called her out for "bullying a lot of people," and Micah replied to the comment, "you saw 2 mins of a 7000 min production. understand that lol."

Micah previously expressed remorse for her behavior when speaking with ET, saying, "I was caught up in my own story. I was trying to get this happy ending, and I think I was more interested in what was going on with me than with anyone else. While it wasn't meant to be mean, I wasn't caring or helping them through their difficult times."

All four seasons of Love Is Blind are currently streaming on Netflix.