'Love Is Blind' Star Natalie Lee Says She 'Privately Dated Another Reality TV Star' After Shayne Jansen Split

The season 2 contestant from 'Love Is Blind' had a tumultuous relationship with her now-ex-fiancé, Shayne.

Natalie Lee isn't opposed to keeping her dating life in the reality TV world after appearing on season 2 of Love Is Blind. The Chicago native opened up about her post-show dating history on her podcast, Out of the Pods, with co-star and friend Deepti Vempati. 

Natalie got engaged to her now-ex, Shayne Jansen, on season 2 of the Netflix dating show. And though she called things off at the altar, she and Shayne have admitted to having an on-off romance after the show wrapped. 

On Monday's episode, Natalie described the situation with Shayne as "a toxic mess" that "still continues on today." 


But she also shared that apart from Shayne she also dated someone else in the reality TV space. 

"I can't say his name out of respect for him, but I have privately dated another reality TV star," she revealed, noting, "It was interesting."

Natalie said it's not uncommon for reality TV stars to date one another, saying there's a "safeness" in the space because of their common experiences. 

"To have a partner who can relate to that is just really, really nice and understanding the complexities of being on a TV show," she explained. 

Natalie noted that the mystery man was also an influencer and at the time, she didn't like that they were "in the same position." 

"My ideal type is someone who's more quiet, more private, even though I'm not," Natalie shared. "And you can't really have that and be in this social media world."

All seasons of Love Is Blind are currently streaming on Netflix.