'Masked Singer': Todrick Hall Reveals the Surprising Souvenir He Got to Keep After the Finale (Exclusive)

Hall spoke with ET about his inspiring 'Masked Singer' journey and his one-of-a-kind keepsake from set.

*Caution: Spoilers Ahead!

Todrick Hall's time on The Masked Singer might be over, but he's keeping a truly unique souvenir to remember his journey -- his incredible costume!

The Masked Singer came to a close on Wednesday with season 6's two finalists battling it out for the Golden Mask Trophy. It all came down to The Bull and The Queen of Hearts in a powerful musical battle for the ages.

Ultimately, The Queen of Hearts -- who was revealed to be none other than Jewel -- emerged victorious, while The Bull was the season's runner-up, and was therefore the first of the two to unmask.

After the panelists made their final guesses, Hall revealed himself to be the golden voiced Bull, to the delight and amazement of the audience. 

Speaking with ET on Wednesday, Hall opened up about his connection to The Bull as a character, and why it spoke to him.

"I think that people expect a bull to have a very hard exterior," Hall shared. "I am guilty of looking online and seeing the things that people say about me, and I think a lot of criticism comes from the perception that I am overly confident... but really, I am not that person."

"I pretend to have confidence. I was bullied in school every single day. I was a cheerleader in school and got called every horrible word... so I had to learn to at least project that I am confident so people wouldn't try to tear me down," he recalled. "I think that, with bulls, people forget they have feelings. They expect them to come out and charge into a red cape... and that they are so powerful [they can't be hurt.]"

The singer, choreographer and Broadway star explained that The Bull also reminded him of The Beast from Disney's beloved Beauty and the Beast. As Hall explained, The Beast has a growling, fearsome exterior, but is a romantic at heart.

"As I started looking at him, I was like, 'This guy has a story he wants to tell and he's not what people think he is by looking at him,'" Hall said of The Bull as a character.

"When you saw the costume, you probably thought it was going to be some straight man who was gonna sing Bruno Mars songs or something, and I was singing Britney Spears' 'Circus,'" he explained. "So the juxtaposition of this muscular costume and then doing the splits and singing 'Rain on Me' by Lady Gaga, I just fell in love with that."

Which is why, as the show went on and Hall made it further and further along in the competition, he realized how much the costume meant to him.

"I begged the producers, over and over, to get the costume," he said. "And I don't mean to make all the other contestants before me jealous, but I am going to be the first person ever from The Masked Singer to get to keep their costume."

That is a truly unique keepsake, to be sure. The costumes on The Masked Singer take an enormous amount of time and energy to make, and are beloved by fans and industry costume designers alike. The Masked Singer's costumes have been shown as museum exhibits, and the series has won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Costumes for a Variety, Nonfiction or Reality Program.

So it's sort of a big deal.

"I'm a huge costume collector," Hall shared. "I have Kristin Chenoweth's Glenda costume from Wicked. I have Idina Menzel's original costume from Wicked, and all of the costumes I've ever worn on Broadway. It's kind of my thing."

"When I do a show, I negotiate that I get to keep whatever I wear. So this is going to go into the library or museum of Todrick Hall's Incredible Costumes," he added with a laugh.

Although it isn't just the amazing Bull costume that Hall is taking away from the incredible experience. During his time on the show, Hall made the panelists cry, he inspired and he wowed. In the finale, he performed a cover of Hunter Hayes' "Invisible" that brought Nicole Scherzinger to tears.

"I felt like all of the lyrics were hand-crafted for me," Hall said of the song, and his own emotional reaction to performing it on the show.

In fact, Hall seemingly had a surprisingly deep connection to a number of songs he sang, starting with his debut performance back in the first week of the season, when he delighted the audience with a cover of Train's "Drops of Jupiter."

"My first crush in high school put that song on a mix CD that he made for me, and I listen to that song all the time," Hall reflected. "No matter where I am, if that song comes on I am immediately transported back to high school in Arlington, Texas, and thinking about the first time I felt like I was falling in love."

"I've never been able to perform that song, because it doesn't really fit into the set list of any of the shows I do," Hall added. "So this opportunity to be on The Masked Singer gave me the opportunity to sing anything I wanted without any rules, which is very, very rare for an artist that you get to do that. So it was really fun."