Megan Rapinoe Shares Her Skincare Routine and the Beauty Advice She and Fiancée Sue Bird Exchange

Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe reveals her top skincare products and when she feels her most beautiful with ET.

Megan Rapinoe's skin is always glowing whether she's on the soccer field, posing for a chic photo shoot, heading out for a date night with her fiancée, Sue Bird, or just hanging at home.

The professional athlete teamed up with Shiseido to celebrate becoming their new brand ambassador and the face of the ULTIMUNE™ Power Infusing Concentrate campaign, and now she's spilling her skincare secrets with ET. 

"Shiseido has always been top tier for me. I’ve been using their sunscreen for over 10 years. ... In my job, I spend so much time in the sun. When I turned 30, my twin sister told me my skin had taken a turn for the worse, and it made me realize I need to change my routine. At that point, I found a good spa in Seattle and started getting facials and into a regular skincare routine," Rapinoe tells ET. 

In addition to sun protection, Rapinoe's favorite products include anti-aging serums, hydrating creams, a signature scent, and a powerful eye cream. 


"I keep a big tub of Aquaphor with me all the time. There is one by my bed, in my backpack, and everywhere else. I use it on my lips of course, but also as lotion all over my body, especially in the winter. I started using the MUTHA Body Butter as well. It is really nice and keeps my skin really hydrated. I love my Le Labo Fragrance and Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing eye cream too," she adds.

"Having skin that feels good and is moisturized where I don’t have to wear a ton of makeup has been a huge confidence booster for me," the soccer star notes.
Rapinoe also relies on skincare advice and support from Bird to feel her absolute best. 

"Sue and I both have the same view of beauty and that is how you feel on the inside must reflect on the outside. ... Her wide range of what sexy is allows me to kind of explore that in so many different ways. ... We often exchange ideas, tips, new products, you name it," she says.

As for their upcoming wedding day, the couple is on the same page about their looks and want to go with an effortless approach.

"The simplicity of it is important for both of us. I want to feel like me and she feels the same. ... Having someone look at you like you are on the red carpet when you are in your sweats and your hair is wild makes me feel beautiful," Rapinoe explains.

Shiseido ULTIMUNE™ Power Infusing Concentrate is available for $75. The brand also collaborated with singer and songwriter Hikaru Utada to create "Find Love," a bespoke track, which will be released on Jan. 19 on their eighth studio album.