Jonah Hill: I Want to be a 'Good Husband' Like Channing Tatum


What trait would Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill take from each other? ET's Rocsi Diaz finds out!

The release of 22 Jump Street is days away, and the comedic duo managed to bring their wild and raucous insanity to the red carpet premiere of the sequel at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, Calif. on Tuesday.

Tatum, 34, and Hill, 30, started off the festivities with flair, firing off T-shirt cannons from atop their tower at the end of the carpet -- and they kept the fun going when they got together to talk to Rocsi.

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When asked by Rocsi what characteristic of Tatum's he'd like to have, Hill responds, "Good husband."

He adds, "I haven't been lucky enough to meet that person yet." When Rocsi chimes in to say that she finds him "studly," Hill quips, "I would be lucky to marry someone like you."

Earlier in the week Rocsi interviewed the guys at a 22 Jump Street junket, and she gave Hill a pair of brand new Air Jordans --but what about Tatum? He got "stale" cupcakes.

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To make up for the discrepancy, she brought Tatum a brand new pair of Jordans, and he couldn't help but flaunt them in front of his co-star.

Rocsi also had a chance to ask Tatum which of Hill's traits he wished he could have. "I think everybody knows he's one of the smarter people in Hollywood, and more talented, so I'll take a touch of his talent any day."

22 Jump Street
hits theaters Friday, June 13. Will you be seeing the sequel?

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