'Black or White' Stars on Racism in America: 'The Answer Lies in Love'

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The upcoming drama Black or Whitedeals with a man fighting for custody of his granddaughter against his reckless son-in-law -- it's a tale a love, life and race in modern America.

The stars of the powerful drama walked the red carpet at the film's Los Angeles premiere on Tuesday, where they stopped to talk with ET about the movie's message, the state of race in society today, and how we can make the future brighter for the following generations.

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"We need to look at the poison we're putting in our children's minds," Anthony Mackie told ET. "They're carrying over those tainted legacies that have been carried on for years now. Every child is a blank slate. And you have to let them grow up to be the amazing people they will be, instead of feeding them negativity."

Black or White
star and producer Kevin Costner shared Mackie's sentiments.

"Our problems didn't begin in August," Costner said, referring to the increased racial tensions and media scrutiny following the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. "I don't have the answer to all this, but I know that the answer lies in love, and lies in understanding."

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Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer
agreed that love is the key to understanding, and said that the film's real power comes in the opportunity it provides for self-realization.

"If [the movie] causes people to reflect on their own actions… that in and of itself would solve a lot of problems," Spencer said.

Black or White hits theaters Jan. 30.

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