Rene Russo Undergoes Drastic Makeup Transformation in 'Frank and Cindy'

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In this exclusive clip, Rene Russo stars opposite Oliver Platt in Frank and Cindy, a fictionalized account of the life of ‘80s one-hit-wonder Frank Garcia and his eccentric wife Cindy Brown.

Russo underwent a magnificent three-hour makeup transformation to attain the outlandish look of Cindy in the film.

In the movie, 20 years after Frank and Cindy’s 1983 marriage, Cindy’s son, G.J. (Johnny Simmons, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), picks up a video camera and begins to document his parents appalling and amusing behavior. In what starts as an attempt to mock his stepfather, G.J. inadvertently creates a candid portrait of the pursuit of happiness.

Frank and Cindy is a fictionalized version of their real-life story, which was documented by G.J. Echterncamp and released in 2007.

Frank and Cindy premieres at L.A. Film Festival on June 16.