Adam Levine: I'll Never Leave Maroon 5


What with his coaching gig on The Voice, launching his own fragrance line and a recent stint on American Horror Story, it's only natural that Adam Levine's fans have been left to wonder if Maroon 5 will one day take a permanent backseat to his other career opportunities.   

Despite being open to dabbling in various solo projects, Levine says that in the end, he will always stay loyal to his trusty bandmates.

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"If anything I'll probably make a record on my own with people doing some sort of interesting cover record or something like that, but it won't be me going solo," Levine told ET Canada's Natasha Gargiulo. "It'll be me doing something on my own and then returning to the band."

As for his recent foray into acting, Levine reveals that what started as a side project may very well grow one of his passions.

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"No one's going to say that guy sucks in that movie," said the star of sharing the big screen with Keira Knightley in the upcoming film, Can a Song Save Your Life?. "I'm really hard on myself so I knew that I would feel that gross feeling of like, 'Oh dude I'm never doing this again, I'm so bad.' And I wasn't. I didn't get that feeling."