'Weird Al' Yankovic Parodies Pharrell's 'Happy' with 'Tacky'


"Weird Al" Yankovic is back, and this time he's going after Pharrell's massive hit Happy.

In his first music video for his #8videos8days project, Yankovic sings his song Tacky to the tune of Happy, and enlists some of his famous pals including Jack Black, Aisha Tyler, Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet and Margaret Cho to help him.

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Some examples of "tacky?"

"Wearing stripes with plaid" and "Instagramming every meal I've had."

Yankovic is set to release eight videos over the next eight days to promote his new album Mandatory Fun, out July 15.

"I am very proud of it," he tells Nerdist about his long-awaited new project. "I think it's my best album to date."

Considering his classics like Eat It (a parody of Michael Jackson's Beat It) and Amish Paradise (his take on Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise), he has some pretty big hits to live up to!

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Check out the video for Yankovic's latest parody.