Hilary Duff Is All About Line Dancing (and Stalking) in 'All About You' Video


In the followup to the beach-theme cheese-fest that was "Chasing the Sun," Hilary Duff's latest music video for "All About You" is slightly more grounded. But also slightly more stalkery.

This time, instead of a bored office worker, the Duffster is a hip dancer who takes pictures of unsuspecting men before she hunts them down to a super cool party that only people with the magic flyer know about. 

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She also dances in this video! Just listening to the song, makes you want to start stomping and there’s no better way to do that than with a nice line dance. Although, Hilary isn't the most natural dancer, she more than makes up for that with some really good hair.

Just look at that perfectly messy 'do!  It's probably why the guy she's chasing down is so chill about her stalking him.

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Also, as she more than makes clear, Hilary's preferred tool for stalking is an Amazon Fire Phone. 

But we gotta hand it to Hilary, she consistently keeps things wholesome and adorable. Can't say that about a lot of pop stars!

And let's not forget about the biggest Hilary Duff fan of all -- Aaron Carter! Watch as he declares his everlasting love for his former flame.