Former Nanny Uncovers the Real Kardashians


The Kardashians' family life has been exposed on reality television for quite some time now, but former nanny Pam Behan reveals to ET what the family was really like when the cameras weren't around.

Behan, who is writing a memoir about her experiences with the Kardashian family, revealed that she found the family pleasant for the most part but they were certainly spoiled.

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"I would say they were definitely spoiled," she said. "Any kid that grows up in Malibu or Beverly Hills is spoiled, but that doesn't mean that they were naughty or bad. They never disrespected me."

Behan also addressed the unrelenting rumors about Khloe being fathered by someone other than her father, Robert, saying that she "truly believed" that Robert was her birth father and that Khloe was probably his favorite child.

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The former Kardashian nanny admitted that the family can be a little wild at times but nevertheless maintains a very strong familial bond.

"They are crazy and zany and whatever, but you know what? They're always getting together; nobody [has] moved off; and they really do genuinely love each other," she evaluated.

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Check out the full interview above to hear Behan recount an incident in which Kourtney "almost killed" her as well as her thoughts on Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries.