Bon Jovi Recalls Life-Changing Experience


Jon Bon Jovi has had hit singles over decades with his self-named band but on a special on Oprah's Master Class this weekend, the musician retraces his life back to at time when he was just an average kid growing up with big goals.

In the featured sneak peek above, Bon Jovi reveals how he went from throwing his guitar down the basement stairs after an unpleasant lesson to a serious musician after a guitarist who lived across the street straightened him out.

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"Thanks to his encouragement, I stayed with it," Bon Jovi praises of his former guitar instructor, who taught him how to play songs.

The 50-year-old also describes how he remained grounded after major monuments in his music career such as getting signed by a record company and hearing his first single on the radio.

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"Each step along the way is just a life lesson in humility," he says, "and it gives you the ammunition to go on and be excited about the next day"

Bon Jovi's Oprah's Master Class special will air this Sunday at 10 p.m. on OWN.