Stars React to Romney's 'Binders Full of Women'

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Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has received quite the backlash after a comment made during Tuesday night's town hall debates in New York, with even the stars reacting. Romney said when he became governor of Massachusetts that he requested to interview women for positions in his cabinet and, thanks to women's groups, got "binders full of women."

Following this comment, the web erupted with #BindersFullOfWomen hashtags, a Tumblr of the same name and, of course, celebrity reactions. Here's some of the more memorable "binders full of women" tweets:

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Rashida Jones: "Women should temporarily crawl out of their crowded binders to watch this:  "

Aisha Tyler: "Ludacris: 'I got hoes in different area codes.' Romney:'I got binders full of women.' #debate"

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Chris Rock: "There are going to be #bindersfullofwomen voting for Obama on Nov.6. #debate"

Zach Braff: "The main thing I took from tonight is that I need a binder full of women."

Grey's Anatomy showrunner Shonda Rhimes: "I'm gonna pitch it as a show. BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN: a new show about women trapped in binders by rich men who never had to work 4 anything."

Joy Behar: "Romney has 'binders full of women'? Who is he, Charlie Sheen?"

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Michelle Branch: "Binders full of women is not a woman's issue. It's a green issue. You think those women are printed on recycled paper? Exactly."

Patton Oswalt: "'Binders Full of Women' is my favorite Motley Crue album."

Grey's Anatomy Jesse Williams: "#VeryLateDebateTweets: Where does one find these 'Binders full of women' who "need to be more flexible"? Asking for a friend."

What did you think of Romney's comment? Does it deserve its own Tumblr?