Chris Pratt's Stripping Secret: 'I Was Always Getting Naked'

The 'Jurassic World' star admits he was "naked all the time" growing up.

Chris Pratt has no problem taking it all off, even though it has gotten him in hot water in the past. 

The 35-year-old heartthrob admitted to GQ magazine that growing up, he was "naked a lot."

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"I was a jokester, I had a dirty mind, and a dirty sense of humor," he told the men's magazine. "I was naked all the time. It was just recently, in the last few years since I've become an adult, that I've learned to keep my clothes on."

GQ Magazine

These stripping habits got Pratt in trouble when he hit high school. "I got suspended from the track team in high school for getting naked on the track bus," he recalled. "I was always getting naked. I thought it was hilarious. I didn't understand how somebody could be so offended by me just taking my junk out."

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Pratt didn't learn his lesson. During his stint on Parks and Recreation, he was supposed to shock Amy Poehler in a scene where his character is naked. During one take, he decided to actually go fully nude.

"HR sent me a letter. Someone obviously must have complained about it or something. I guess now that I don't work for them, I can make fun of it, but part of the letter was saying, like, 'Also, don't mock this. Just so we're clear, you're being reprimanded, and don't go around talking about how this is funny,'" Pratt revealed. "[It was] the take they f**king used, by the way, that made the air, and was hilarious, so I was totally right, but apparently if you want to get naked there's certain protocols you have to take to prevent people from being offended -- you have to give them the opportunity to not see it."

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GQ Magazine

He continued, "But that's how I was in high school, too. I remember walking into the coach's office with just a sock on. Not on my feet. And I was like, 'Hey, Coach, can I talk to you?' And they were like, 'Jesus, God!' I liked making people feel uncomfortable."

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Pratt's flashing hasn't hindered his rise to stardom. The action star plays the leading man in the summer blockbuster Jurassic World, hitting theaters June 12.