Rihanna Went to the Club, Found a Dog in the Bathroom, and Decided to Keep Him

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If you are anything like us, watching Rihanna’s Snapchat is the closest you get to going out anymore. But even in our wildest days, nothing like this happened: Rih went to the club and came home with a dog.

And she documented the happenstance on Snapchat, of course:

“Where the f**k did this bitch find a dog?” the Snapper (likely bestie Melissa Forde) wonders. “She literally just went to the club, came back with a cage, wee-wee pads, food and a f**king dog!”


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It’s a valid question worth repeating: Where the f**k DID Rihanna find a dog?

In the bathroom of 1OAK in West Hollywood, apparently. “Well, I found him in a bathroom somewhere,” Rihanna (kind of?) explains. “He ran up to me.” Then she brought him home and named him Pepe.

OK, but who has a dog in the club in the first place? We guess that’s moot now?

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From bathroom stray to BadGalRiRi’s pet, Pepe is living all of our best life.

Basically, TL;DR:

Or maybe it’s all just promo for her “Bitch Better Have My Money” music video:

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