Roma Downey Dishes on Her 'Answered Prayers'

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After the success of The Bible, The Dovekeepers and A.D. The Bible Continues, Roma Downey is back with a new faith-based series, Answered Prayers.

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Downey sat down with ET to chat about her hosting gig on the upcoming show, which is all about real people whose lives were changed by divine intervention.

One of the most miraculous stories occurred after a father accidentally ran over his 7-year-old son with a lawnmower. The family prayed for a sign to tell them whether or not they should have their son's leg amputated, and the next day, they came across a 70-year-old man on a bicycle with a prosthetic leg, who encouraged them to go through with the surgery.

"I can tell you that having my leg amputated and having this prosthetic changed my life in amazing ways," the man told the family. "I can do all sorts of things now."

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The family ended up going through with the amputation. The boy later played soccer and continued "living a full life."

The show is personal for Downey, as she has witnessed miracles in her own life. "I met my husband Mark Burnett as an answer to a prayer," Downey told ET. "I asked God to choose a husband for me and to let me know when he turned up."

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Downey said that she could feel her heart "doing somersaults" when she met Burnett, and their marriage certainly seems to be working -- they are the definition of a power couple as they produced their Bible series together.

Downey also joked about a more recent blessing in their marriage. "He's a great husband," Downey said. "The last time we were on your show together, he was very hairy. He had a rather large beard at the time, and then in the interim -- another answered prayer -- he shaved his beard!"

Answered Prayers debuts July 26 on TLC.