Tina Fey Trying to Name 20 Latinos in 60 Seconds Is the Best Thing You'll See All Day


Spoiler alert: For once in her life, Tina Fey has failed at something.

The [take your pick: 30 Rock/Saturday Night Live/Mean Girls/Baby Mama] genius appears as the first guest on the new season of Billy on the Street, and the game that Billy Eichner has concocted for her is quite the doozy: “LaTina Fey,” where she has 60 seconds to name at least 20 Latino performers.

This is our reaction too:

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The game starts off, well...

Not great, but yes, Gina Rodriguez is in fact a Latino performer. And Gina tweeted after seeing the clip, “Was that an invite to host the Oscars with you #TinaFey? Because I will. I accept. (Says woman from Jane the Virgin)”

From there, she manages to name your Eva Longorias and Jimmy Schmidts.

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But in the end, she can only come up with 19 Latinos and collapses in despair and/or hysterics. “I panicked!” she laughs, as Eichner explains, “I think this is comforting to people to see that even Tina Fey is flawed.”

“Very, very flawed,” she adds. Which is not what we remember.

Billy on the Street
returns Oct. 8 at 10:30p.m. on TruTV.

This is our favorite Tina Fey moment since she kissed Amy Schumer onstage:

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