'iZombie' Scoop: 6 Appe-Teasers You Need to Devour Before Tuning Into Season 2!

The CW

Got brains?

Well, if you tune into tonight's season two premiere of The CW's deliciously addictive drama, iZombie, you'll definitely find plenty!

To help curb your cravings before the jam-packed debut, we're providing you with six appe-teasers you need to know before tuning in. Dig in…

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1. A Buffet of Brains:
Liv will be trying on many sensational cerebellum-fueled personalities this season. After the grumpy old man brains that she reluctantly devours in tonight's season two premiere, our fair-haired zombie will embrace her beerpong skills with frat boy brains in episode two. After that? "Our next three are real housewife brain, country western chanteuse brain, and then basketball coach brain," executive producer Rob Thomas dished. And later down the line get ready for "stalker brains." Yay!

2. Zombie Wannabe:
Now that Ravi's cure is currently pulsing through Blaine's formerly undead veins, the blonde baddie is not quite ready to embrace the life of the living. "Blaine is a human in zombie's clothes," star David Anders spilled to ETonline. "His zombie hair is now found in a bottle of peroxide and so he's pretending and fibbing to maintain appearances for his business." As for Blaine's new business? Let's just say it puts the "fun" in funeral.

3. Super-Sized Season 2:
Since iZombie debuted as a mid-season show on The CW earlier this year, fans were only treated to 13-episode first season. However, now it's looking like season two will go into "full on zombie mode" and will likely expand. "I think we're going to get to do 22 -- I'm feeling bullish," Thomas said of the sophomore season, which is currently slated for 18 episodes.

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4. Quest for the Cure:
Although it seems like Ravi's rat-tested zombie cure is working perfectly, Anders warns that nothing is perfect in the world of iZombie. "There are side effects that you're going to see in the first few episodes," the actor teased. "And those are just the tip of the iceberg because this isn't a fool-proof cure by any stretch."

5. Major Problem:
If you thought that Major had a dangerously dark journey in season one, then you are in for a whirlwind of shock in season two. Even though Liv's former fiancé is seemingly a human again, that doesn’t mean that he is free from all the zombie drama. On the contrary, Major will be forced to complete an unspeakable act by the end of the premiere and the repercussions will haunt him for the entire season.

6. Unlikely Allies: While Blaine is on his quest to become the "crime lord of Seattle" he'll eventually need some help when going up against this season's big bad. Luckily for him, Liv will be his (reluctant) ally. "She hates Blaine but I don’t think Blaine really hates Liv -- he's kind of delighted by her innocence and equally frustrated by it," Anders confessed, "They are going to have to put aside their rocky past so that they may have a rocky future. They're going to team up and teammates don't have to like each other, they just have to win the ballgame."

Season two of iZombie premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.