Pokemon's Epic 20th Anniversary Super Bowl Ad Is Mind-Blowing and Surprisingly Inspirational


Pokemon's epic Super Bowl ad raises one very important question: Can we please get a live-action Pokemon movie already?

Evoking the emotional core of every Nike ad or Gatorade commercial ever made, this shockingly powerful ad for a video game about monster fighting is sure to rouse the hearts of every Pokemon fan.

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The ad, which shows young children being inspired to challenge themselves and reach for glory (in the world of competitive monster fighting), is every bit as heart-pounding and inspiring as the real sports ads it's emulating.

Pokemon is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and Nintendo is honoring the megahit franchise with this 60-second jaw-dropping ad.

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Super Bowl 50 doesn't kick off until Feb. 7, which is more than enough time to commit this mind-blowing commercial to memory before watching it during the big game.

If nothing else, let's just get working on some fully-functional Pikachu robots so we can keep on as a pet.

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