Ashton Kutcher Brings a Catfish to the CMT Music Awards, Predicts Stanley Cup Win for Nashville Predators

No one cheered louder for the declaration than Carrie Underwood!

Ashton Kutcher is putting his money on the Nashville Predators to win the Stanley Cup!

The actor made his allegiance clear while presenting at the 2017 CMT Awards with his The Ranch co-star Danny Masterson on Wednesday.

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"Nashville!" Kutcher yelled as he took the stage, dropping a dead catfish from his hand.

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The crowd cheered at Kutcher's embrace of the Predators' tradition, as he and Masterson continued their speech.

"Danny and I are huge country fans, and we're not the only ones," Kutcher shared.

"Country has gone international. There are fans in Asia, Europe, Australia, probably even outer space," Masterson agreed.

"The music is universal, but there some little things that don't exactly translate. For example, Blake Shelton is known as 'Boot man with prison tattoos who turns around a chair,'" Kutcher shared, calling out Luke Bryan, Dierks Bently and Keith Urban before landing on this crowd-pleasing declaration:

"Do you know what Canada is going to call Carrie Underwood next week? 'Carrying the Stanley Cup around this great city of Nashville!'"

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Underwood definitely represented for her Predators captain husband Mike Fisher, who is gearing up to play in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Thursday. 

See more in the video below.