Nicki Minaj Goes After Ex Meek Mill in Concert and He Wants Absolutely No Part of It

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Meek Mill just wants to keep it classy.

Nicki Minaj took a shot at her Champions rapper ex recently at her FOMO Festival performance in Australia, briefly cutting out the beat to suggest she's got some stories she could tell.

"Meek still be in my DMs, I be having to duck him," the 36-year-old artist rapped in a fan-captured video shared to YouTube. The lyric is off of her tea-spilling single, "Barbie Dreams," from her latest album, Queen.

"I mean, you know, I could tell you n***as secrets, but I won't," Minaj continued. "'cause being a bitter b**ch is what I don't."

The shade from Down Under did find its way back to Meek Mill, who didn't seem to keen on getting into it with his ex, whom he revealed last month blocked him on social media.

"Why you be sooo mad at me and not the people that came right at ya neck! I’m cool I’m doing good lol something is wrong here," the 31-year-old rapper tweeted. "Leave me alone you know I get a lil too out of control with the truth!"

Mill finished his sentiments, by commenting, simply, "Keep it classy."

It's no surprise Mill wants to take the high road here. Last year, the artist squashed his highly publicized beef with Drake, and followed up his release from jail by working with JAY-Z on a docuseries detailing his criminal justice journey and arguing for prison reform.

Meanwhile, Minaj has a new man in her life, boyfriend Kenneth Petty, whose criminal record has raised some eyebrows among her fans.

Watch the video below for more.


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