Nikki Bella Is Wooed by Peter Kraus When He Surprises Her With a Care Package After Their Date

Peter Kraus and Nikki Bella
Greg Doherty/WireImage / Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

'This is crazy.'

Nikki Bella is swooning over Peter Kraus!

In a sneak peek of Sunday's episode of Total Bellas on E!, the 35-year-old WWE star gets very excited when she receives a package from the former Bachelorette contestant following their first date.

"This is crazy," Nikki exclaims.

"It's actually really nice," her mom, Kathy Colace, says. "It's nice he sent a gift." 

"It's thoughtful," her twin sister, Brie, adds.

Nikki goes on to read the card from the 35-year-old former reality star and it only makes her like him more!

"I think my house is haunted. My wine keeps disappearing when I'm the only one home. Happy Halloween," Nikki reads aloud to Kathy, Brie and her brother-in-law, Daniel Bryan. "This gift has nothing to do with Halloween, but I thought the card was appropriate. Here's a little something for your breakfast and for your creative thoughts. Enjoy!"

It turns out Peter sent Nikki "every kind of black licorice," which she says is "actually like the sweetest thing."

"I am a huge, like, lover of black licorice. Just like my wine, I'm very picky about it. But, because Peter didn't bring my favorite licorice last time, he shipped out every type of brand of black licorice to me," Nikki gushes in the confessional. "That was just the cutest, sweetest thing ever. Like, I have to give it to Peter, he's really smooth."

"I love things like this that are extremely thoughtful," she adds later. "That means a lot to me... Maybe there will be a second date."

"Brownie points, Peter," Brie exclaims. "... It was sweet."

Though Daniel seems to like Peter, he does ask, "All you have to do to get a second date is send you $12 worth of black licorice?"

"He's extraordinarily tall and good looking," Daniel amends. "I was almost attracted to him."

In an earlier sneak peek this week, Nikki goes to Brie's house after midnight to tell her about her first date with Peter, which was off to a good start when he brought Nikki flowers

"It was great," Nikki tells Brie before she reluctantly leaves her twin's house when she realizes that Brie was sleeping. 

"I'm kind of disappointed right now because I just wanted to talk to my sister about the date, to tell her how it went, but Brie doesn't want to talk to me," Nikki laments in the confessional. "All I know is it's awkward right now and I think it's time for me to go to bed. It's a little bit of a buzzkill I'm not gonna lie."

The sneak peeks of Sunday's episode come after Nikki detailed the "awkward" date -- her first since splitting with John Cena last year -- on Busy Tonight.

"It was so awkward and I totally got drunk," Nikki admitted on the show.

"Here I am having this first date and all of a sudden I look to my left and it’s, like, two camera crews and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, this is so weird,’” she added. "I didn’t even want to flirt because it was just so weird and awkward.”

In addition to her date with Peter, this season of Total Bellas also sees Nikki considering dates with actor Taye Diggs and her former Dancing With the Stars partner, Artem Chigvintsev. In fact, she's rumored to currently be dating the DWTS pro.

Watch the video below for more on Nikki's love life: