'OMG Fashun' First Look: Watch Julia Fox and Law Roach Make Treasure Out of Trash

'OMG Fashun' premieres with back-to-back episodes Monday, May 6.

Julia Fox is looking for someone who can turn out a look -- with trash!

In the upcoming reality competition series, OMG Fushun, Fox challenges up-and-coming designers to use her as the muse for her next best, unconventional look. 

"You're designing for the ultimate muse, Julia Fox," stylist Law Roach (who is known for dressing Zendaya is some of fashion's most iconic looks) says in a clip from the series. 

The contestants run through a list of reasons why they want to design for the actress, noting that she's "bold" and not "afraid to be a bad b***h." 

The key to the competition is knowing that "one man's trash is Julia Fox's treasure" according to Roach, as clips run of the designers trying to piece together a look with a bird's nest, various pieces of fabric, balloons, keys and other not-so-fashion friendly items. 

Elyse Jankowski/Variety via Getty Images

Designers face pressure as they compete each week to win $10,000 and bragging rights -- as Fox herself will wear their latest design. Where to? That has yet to be determined. 

"Doing this show is just what I do in my everyday life," Fox tells the camera. 

Fox and Roach will be joined by a variety of guest judges throughout the series, including Phaedra Parks, Pretty Vee, Violet Chachki, Tommy Dorfman, Wisdom Kaye, Lauren McCarthy, Jordan Roth and Julia Fox’s stylist, Briana Andalore. 

"Handcrafted is the new haute couture on OMG Fashun as Julia inspires pioneering fashion disruptors to upend traditional style convention, break the rules and redefine cool. Each episode challenges three disruptors to create a boundary-breaking look born of Fox’s beautifully bold brain," a statement about the series reads.

"Using materials and techniques that would make fashion’s so-called gatekeepers squirm, the contestants must race against the clock to compose and style their unconventional ensembles for the judging panel, consisting of Fox, Roach and a rotating expert guest judge. The disruptor with the most eye-catching, unexpected and cutting-edge look is crowned the winner of the competition."

OMG Fashun premieres with back-to-back episodes on Monday, May 6 at 9 p.m. on E!.