Paris Hilton Says Low-Rise Jeans, Blinged Out Phone Cases, and More Y2K Trends Are Back for the Summer

Paris Hilton
Taco Bell Corp.

Paris Hilton tells ET all about the 2000s-inspired must-haves that are making a comeback this summer.

That's hot! Paris Hilton teamed up with Taco Bell to launch the return of their classic Volcano Menu, filled with fan favorites from the 2000s, and to celebrate, she’s telling ET all about the throwbacks that are making a resurgence this summer. 

For starters, the 42-year-old heiress is fulfilling her summertime food cravings with the restaurant's famous dishes.

"I’ve always loved Taco Bell so much! … I'm obsessed with the Taco Supremes with Hot! sauce and the Cinnabon Delights for dessert. They are so delicious! I’m also now obsessed with the Volcano Tacos," she shares.

Beyond adding the tasty items into her diet, Hilton is also embracing Y2K staples when it comes to her wardrobe choices. 

David Keeler/Online USA

"I'm living for the nostalgia and bringing back some iconic looks," the DJ explains.

Her warm-weather essentials: "One trend that's making a fierce comeback is low-rise jeans. I'm also obsessed with mini skirts and dresses because who doesn't love flaunting those legs?"

Additionally, incorporating glitzy vintage-inspired accessories is guaranteed to turn heads, according to Hilton. 

"I'm all about bedazzled everything like shiny rhinestone belts, blinged-out phone cases, and of course, my signature oversized sunglasses. I also love platform shoes and recently wore a pair of Marc Jacobs Swarovski Crystal covered platforms to the Met Gala. … I love butterfly hair clips as well, they're so cute!"

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Karl Lagerfeld

As we approach hotter temperatures, the CEO and co-founder of 11:11 Media is into reviving her beloved past glam looks too. 

"Glossy lips are a must-have. Think juicy, pouty lips with a touch of shimmer. Bold and flirty eye makeup is back in action. From smoky eyes to vibrant eyeshadow shades, it's all about making a statement," the Paris in Love star notes. 

"Dewy, luminous skin is the ultimate beauty trend of the 2000s, so highlight those cheekbones and embrace that radiant glow," she adds. 

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What’s more, the "Stars Are Blind" songstress believes prioritizing time for self-care is something that’s clearly here to stay. 

"From meditation apps to rejuvenating skincare routines, taking care of your mind and body is on-trend. … To look and feel my best, I love going to my facialist Heather Nicole. She gives the most epic facials, and my skin is always so gorgeous and glowing," Hilton spills. 

As for what's always out: "One thing that's definitely not hot right now is people being mean and bullying others on social media."

"It's time to spread love, kindness, and support instead. … Embracing diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of life is super hot," she continues. 

Taco Bell Corp.

Starting today, fans can call 1-844-THTS-HOT, to hear more of Hilton’s advice through her pre-recorded tips on The Hot Line with Taco Bell. The limited-time Volcano Menu is available nationally on Thursday, June 29, and for Taco Bell rewards members on Tuesday, June 27.