Psychic Medium Travis Holp Explains Why He Would Love to Give Britney Spears a Reading

Travis Holp
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Psychic medium Travis Holp tells ET why Britney Spears is his dream celebrity client and what goes into his readings.

Getting guidance! Psychic medium and spiritual guide Travis Holp has completed thousands of readings for people worldwide, but his dream client? None other than Britney Spears.

Holp, who is known for connecting people to their loved ones after they have died, says the "Stronger" singer is at the top of his list due to her compelling background. 

"Her story is incredibly powerful, and I believe she's incredibly intuitive. Working with her would be a dream," he tells ET.

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As for what goes into his sessions: "First, I prep my client. I share how I work and what they can expect, which is always the unexpected. Then, I begin by asking Spirit where we start and go from there. I don't ask my clients for any information before we begin, aside from a general word about what they hope to gain from our time together," he explains.

From there, Holp's readings range from 30 to 50 minutes, depending on whether you are seeking a combination of psychic and mediumship, or just a single focus.

"A lot of my clients see me for mediumship or manifestation work. With mediumship, clients are usually looking for peace or healing. My manifestation clients want to know all the ways they can be a magnet for what they desire," the social media star notes.

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"I receive a wide range of questions about love, financial abundance, career advice, and life path, but one common theme is, 'How can I be happier?'" Holp adds.

Regardless of what you are seeking, the psychic hopes to bring positivity into every scenario. 

"I'm a hopeful and optimistic person, so I pour that essence into the work I do to help lift up and inspire others. … Most clients usually see me one to four times a year depending on their needs. I love it when clients come back and share their stories of how our session helped them along their journey."