Questlove Hosts Epic Game Night With Taylor Swift, Common, Gigi Hadid, Channing Tatum, Jason Sudeikis and More

The Roots drummer shared a series of pictures from the star-studded event that included Uno and tacos.

Who knew that a game of Uno would bring a room full of celebrities together? Questlove, that's who!

In new pics shared over the weekend, The Roots drummer gave his followers a look inside his star-studded game night -- which had appearances by Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Channing Tatum and more big names -- that happened earlier in the week in NYC. 

"@UNO Wild Is Hard As HELL!!! Locks you in so long like jail!! Can’t u tell?! Nerves Are frail!!! Everybody in this mug except for Mel!!!! (Sing to “Rock The Bells”) Once again, it’s not game night….unless I say it’s game night. Round 2: hosted by me Ran & Executed by @therongcathy (way to deflect to her ahmir in case people’s feelings get rattled and whatnot 🫠) Til Next Time. @tacombi @ghmumm_us @doritos @cereallife 📸 by & @christian_germoso," he cleverly captioned the first set of Polaroid pictures from the night, which also included drinks, tacos and a cereal bar. 

The pics show shots of Michael Che and Jason Sudeikis sitting around a table playing the game, and if you look closely, Tatum is in the background. 

In other pics, Questlove makes an appearance sitting around with his guests that also include photographer Lenny Santiago, DJ Andre Power, Mike Birbiglia, Common and more playing with a set of extra-large Uno cards. 

Questlove ended his photo dump with more star power as he shared a set of pictures that include T.Swift and her background singer, Melanie Nyema, raising their glasses, Hadid and Cara Delevingne taking a break from the card game to cuddle close for a picture, Sudeikis giving the camera the peace sign, Tatum looking at the cereal and Trevor Noah seemingly accepting his fate during the game. 

This isn't the first time the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon band leader has hosted the NYC event. Questlove's Chief of Staff, Cathy Rong, took to her Instagram to share a round of Polaroids from a similar event hosted last month.

Questlove's game night comes as he and The Roots currently have time off, as The Tonight Show has been paused due to the WGA writers strike