'RHOC' Midseason Trailer: Heather Dubrow Keeps Home Sale From Cast: 'Tired of Being Everyone's Whipping Boy'

Bravo has released the explosive 'RHOC' midseason trailer and Heather Dubrow is in hot water.

Heather and Terry Dubrow selling Chateau Dubrow last year for $55 million -- the third largest sale in Orange County history -- is now a major storyline for the second half of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Bravo released the explosive season 17 midseason trailer, and Fancy Pants is going toe-to-toe with nearly all her costars, especially Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador, who find out about her selling her home on the internet.

"Heather and Terry Dubrow sell their home for $55 million," Tamra tells Shannon, who replies, "Why wouldn't she mention it to us?"

Then, Tamra suggests Heather made fun of Emily Simpson's body, saying, "She told Emily that she looked like a Snuffleupagus."

"So, it's OK to body shame?!" asks Emily. 

Shannon then seemingly confronts Heather about mysterious gossip the actress shared off camera about Shannon's relationship with ex-boyfriend John Janssen by yelling, "You owe my boyfriend a huge f**king apology!"

Heather, who doesn’t want to deal with all the drama admits,  "I am tired of being everyone's whipping boy."

Well, hopefully, Heather told her co-stars about putting down more roots in Los Angeles. 

In July, a source told ET that the reality TV couple closed a deal to purchase late filmmaker Dino De Laurentiis' 9,000 sq. foot Beverly Hills mansion, which sits on 8.2 acres. This is the latest addition to their real estate portfolio, after purchasing a Roberto Cavalli-designed penthouse in Century City in 2022. They also maintain a home in Orange County, where Heather films The Real Housewives

YouTube / Joyce Rey Real Estate

The Dubrows snagged the hilltop home for $16.1 million, well below the asking price of $37.5 million. Heather confirmed their latest buy when reached for comment.

"Yes, we did!" she tells ET. "It's so exciting! We tried to buy five or six properties all over Cabo, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Palm Springs and the universe landed us here, at the most iconic Hollywood estate."

The Dubrows plan to renovate the De Laurentiis property, with Heather estimating it will take three years to complete her vision. The house is just a short drive away from the Beverly Hills Hotel, where the two married in 1999.

As for what this all means for her future as an Orange County Housewife, Heather previously told ET that having homes in Los Angeles doesn't mean she's leaving the show.

"I'm a New Yorker, transplanted to L.A., dragged down to Orange County," she quipped. "I'm just trying to migrate home... I'm gonna end up on New York Housewives!"   

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.