Rosario Dawson Shares How She Helped Inspire Her 20-Year-Old Daughter Isabella to Become an Activist

Rosario Dawson
Jennifer Johnson

Rosario Dawson tells ET how she encouraged her daughter to embrace activism at SHISEIDO Blue Project’s West Coast beach clean-up.

Like mother, like daughter! Rosario Dawson hosted the SHISEIDO Blue Project’s third-annual West Coast beach clean-up with WSL One Ocean and WILDCOAST in Huntington Beach, California on August 2, and told ET how she encouraged her daughter, Isabella, 20, to get involved with activism. 

"I'm from Coney Island, so the beach is very important to me. I got to experience that beauty when I was a kid and it's only gotten worse since then. We are not leaving this place for our children the way that we got it and that's just not on my watch. I'm gonna make sure to do everything on my watch," she explained. 

Jennifer Johnson

Not only does Dawson take action to make a difference, but she also helps to educate others, including her own family. 

"When you're walking around within just a few feet, you can come across quite a lot of things to pick up, which is devastating, but also wonderful when you have intention behind it and can do something," she said.

"I remember me and my daughter were talking and she was like, 'You know, I'm just not interested in being on a podium like you, mom. I'm not going to do that kind of thing,' and I was like, 'Well, that doesn't mean that you can't be an advocate, or an activist, or volunteer,'" The Mandalorian actress explained. 

From there, the 44-year-old shared different ways her daughter could show up, and soon enough, Isabella -- literally -- took things into her own hands. 

"She started drawing all of these really amazing posters around conservation and anti-violence and it was just powerful. We need artists to make signs and write beautiful things that make people understand what we're trying to deal with here," Dawson continued.

Jennifer Johnson

Whether the mother-daughter duo is hitting the beach to do their part, enjoy a relaxing day, or a combination of both, the film producer doesn’t leave the house without a few essentials. 
"The main thing is to really find the right SPF. I have the Shiseido Urban Environment collection. I also make sure I have my sunglasses and to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Otherwise, jean shorts are clearly a staple," she spilled.