Sam Hunt Candidly Sings About Forgiveness, Channels Johnny Cash & June Carter With Wife Hannah in 'Locked Up'

Sam Hunt

The singer seemingly addresses his 2019 arrest and subsequent split from his wife before their eventual reconciliation.

Sam Hunt is making amends. The country star sings about a tumultuous phase in his relationship with wife Hannah Lee Fowler in his new song, "Locked Up," with the real-life couple channeling Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash in the music video. 

In the song -- which Hunt wrote with Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Jerry Flowers, and Zach Crowell -- the 39-year-old performer seemingly addresses his 2019 arrest in Nashville, Tennessee. He later pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor DUI charges in August 2021 and had his license suspended for one year.

Then, in February 2022, Hannah's pregnancy with the pair's first child was revealed via divorce docs. At the time, Fowler cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason to terminate the marriage, accused Hunt of "inappropriate marital conduct," and claimed that he was "guilty of adultery." 

After an apparent change of heart, Fowler called off the divorce and the duo welcomed their daughter in May 2022. 

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler - John Shearer/Getty Images

"I got locked up / I was in a young, dumb, rowdy phase / Still hangin' onto my bachelor days / You were still prayin' for me to start changin' my ways," Hunt sings on "Locked Up," which dropped on Friday. "Thirty years old and still actin' a fool / Damn near the same kid you met back in school / I thought I might have lost you / Yeah, I thought it might have cost me / The love and the light of my life."

The visual was shot with a vintage aesthetic, showing Hunt arriving at a prison to perform for inmates with Fowler by his side. They are both clad in black, with Hunt's hair slicked back in an unmistakable reference to Cash's 1968 show at Folsom Prison. 

Hunt also pays tribute to Tammy Wynette with his latest release, name-dropping the late songstress and her hit "Stand By Your Man" (which was also released in 1968). 

"The night I got locked up, everything went wrong / The night I got messed up, should've just stayed home / Pickеd up my phone, what can I say? / I thought that you'd walk away," he croons. "But you stood by your man / Tammy Wynette / It hit thе fan, you could've just quit / Nah, but you showed me love / You didn't go when the goin' got tough, the night I got locked up." 

In the end, Hunt marvels at the grace he received from his beloved. 

"Girl, you forgave me for my sins / You put it down and you ain't brought it up since / I knew that I was done / I knew you were the one," he sings. 

Hunt had previously teased the upcoming release with a series of black and white stills shared to Instagram. On Friday, he celebrated the release by posting a large grid comprised of six images that come together to show him and Fowler standing hand-in-hand. 

Back in 2022, a source told ET how Hunt was working to repair his relationship with Fowler at the time. 

"Sam and Hannah are working on healing their relationship," the source said. "They're very excited to be welcoming their baby girl together and focused on that. Sam has been putting the work in and making sure that Hannah feels comfortable, safe, and trusts him."

"He is acting protective over their relationship. He has been careful to make sure that things aren't being misconstrued or that he is putting their relationship in any sort of jeopardy," the source added. "He's aware of how sensitive the situation is and doesn't want to hurt Hannah."

Since then, Hunt and Fowler have become the proud parents of two. Daughter Lucy Louise was born in May 2022, and Hunt announced the arrival of their second child in November 2023

"It's pretty unreal what children showing up in your life will do for you," Hunt told ET in an interview last summer

Fans can likely expect to see "Locked Up" live when Hunt performs at this year's CMT Music Awards

The CMT Music Awards takes place on Sunday, April 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas. The show will air on CBS and will be also available to stream live and on demand via Paramount+.