Simu Liu Responds to Perceived Ryan Gosling Red Carpet Slight With Total Kenergy

The 'Barbie' co-stars sparked feud rumors after a resurfaced red carpet video went viral this week.

Simu Liu thinks his Barbie co-star and fellow Ken, Ryan Gosling, is, in a word, sublime. Rumors of tension between the two male stars of the blockbuster hit began circulating after a red carpet video resurfaced of the pair posing together. 

While doing press in Toronto, Ontario, on June 28, Liu, who plays one of the Kens in the Greta Gerwig film, was seen placing his arm behind Gosling's back. Gosling is then seen stepping away, forcing Liu to remove his hand. 

But Liu was quick to clear up any perceived beef, taking to his Instagram Story on Thursday and sharing a smiling photo of himself and Gosling on the same red carpet, which took place prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike that began July 14.

"I'd beach off with this Kenadian again in a heartbeat," he wrote, referencing Gosling's Canadian heritage and an ongoing bit from the film. "He is the best human in every way, especially when he jokes around with us on the carpet and on set, infecting all of us with his kenergy." 

The Hollywood star concluded his message, writing, "Now let's get back to the issues that matter, like supporting our striking actors and writers fighting for fair wages!"

Simu Liu/Instagram

Liu, who is also Canadian, spoke to ET at the film's premiere prior to the strike, joking about his on-screen beef with his co-star. 

"Canadians are not known to be that confrontational," he quipped. "We're known to be quite nice to each other."