'Sister Wives': Janelle Brown Calls Kody Brown 'Manipulating' as He Says She's 'Cheated' Him in New Trailer

In the new teaser trailer for season 18 of 'Sister Wives,' the estranged spouses get into a heated fight.

Janelle Brown is not backing down when it comes to her ongoing tension with her estranged husband, Kody Brown. In a new teaser trailer for season 18 of the Brown family's TLC reality show, Sister Wives, more of Janelle and Kody's expletive-laced fight is revealed. 

In the new clip, Kody slams his second wife, insisting, "You have cheated me out of my family."

Kody has been estranged from the majority of his adult children in recent years due to his alienating COVID protocols and his presumed favoritism of his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. 

During his argument with Janelle, she tells the polygamist, "You are now pushing me out the door," to which he responds, "That's an exaggeration and a lie."

Janelle fixes the father of her six children with a stare, telling him, "I think you're manipulating," and as he walks out of the house, she shouts at him, "You stay and talk," before adding a "F**k you!" as he slams the door. 

Janelle then turns to the TLC camera crew and says, "Shut it off."

In January, Janelle and Kody confirmed that they had separated after nearly 30 years of being spiritually married during the season 17 One-On-One special. 

At the time, Janelle said that she remained spiritually married due to her religious beliefs. But in the full-length season 18 trailer, she tells Kody's ex, Christine Brown, who split from him in 2021, that she no longer wants to be married.  

Tensions between the former spouses have been running high in recent years. They were reunited in May at the high school graduation of their youngest daughter, Savanah Brown, and last month at the wedding of Kody and Christine's daughter, Gwendlyn Brown. 

Season 18 of Sister Wives premieres Sunday, Aug. 20 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC and will be available to stream on Max.